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This promise is at the centre of the Driftaway brand and its products. We not only fully assemble all our products ourselves but all the foam in our products is 100% manufactured in house to the highest standards. Which means we are able to fully stand by our guarantees and accurately advise on the right product for you.

It’s foam all the way

Driftaway mattresses comprise of 100% high quality foam composite offering excellent performance in terms of both comfort and support, while being incredibly durable and high wearing. In terms of value for money look no further we offer a comprehensive range of mattresses, pillows, bedding accessories and comfort products all with the same attention to quality materials and workmanship.

Geared for home and hospitality

Our mattresses are not only built to withstand the rigours of family life but also the high demands of the hospitality industry. Our ability to supply high volumes of mattresses within short periods of time has meant you will not only find Driftaway mattresses in many homes but also well established lodges, B & B’s, resorts and hotels. Next time you have a good nights rest at a hotel, lodge or resort, lift the sheet and see if it’s a Driftaway.

Backed by Foam Factory

Driftaway forms a part of the stable of brands produced by Foam Factory who have branches in Centurion, Cape Town, East London & George. Founded in the early 1990’s, the directorship boasts over 50 years industry experience and the factory has become synonymous with terms value for money.

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